Women and Al Nawawi Centre

The Heart of our Community

Representation and leadership

Muslim women have a leading role in shaping our communities future

State-of-the-art facilities

Modern, elegant facilities designed with Muslim women’s needs in mind

Tailored Programs & Courses

Exclusive classes and programs for women

Help build women’s facilities and prayer spaces to fill an important gap in the community.

A future we share together

For too long have women been neglected from communal spaces in our community. Al Nawawi Centre aims to fill this void by building quality facilities for women to access and benefit from. We aim to create a legacy that honours Muslim women’s leading historical role in shaping flourishing Muslim communities.

A home away from home

The Masjid is a refuge for every believer. It serves as a space where Muslims can reconnect with the higher purpose, engage in worship and find community with others. This is just as true for our sisters as our brothers. For many years, this experience has been limited to men, with many sisters not having the luxury nor space to find such solace. Al Nawawi Centre aims to change this by building quality, purpose-built spaces and facilities for women to engage in worship and communal activities comfortably and securely. The Centre will pave the way for a new generation of Muslim women connected to the House of Allah.

LIstening to Muslim women

Al Nawawi Centre envisages a world where women are at the core of the community’s experience, partaking in crucial responsibilities alongside brothers to help shape the future of our community. The Centre will see our sisters involved in the planning and execution of the overall running of programs generally as well as those specific to Muslim women.

Women-exclusive classes and seminars

Being a pivotal part of the Muslim community, sisters need specifically tailored Islamic classes, lectures and programs to address their particular needs and experiences. Incorporating female teachers, learning spaces and materials, Al Nawawi centre aims to equip Muslim women with the tools to be able to interact with the world and leave a positive impact on society.

Al Nawawi Centre will spearhead changes for Australian Muslim women for decades to come.

Help build an incredible legacy. Donate to help its building today

Al Nawawi Centre’s progress means these women’s facilities are one step closer to reality.

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