Empowering Youth to Become Leaders

Building the Next Generation

Serving critical needs

Al Nawawi Centre will cater to the pressing physical and spiritual needs of young Muslims

A hub for a young community

A space for young minds to connect, learn and discover themselves together

Building the future

Inspiring and instilling confidence in our youth today to become leaders tomorrow

Help create a youth hub that will cater to the next generation’s needs.

A dynamic youth centre and facility

Youth-specific activities and programs

There is a shortage of programs that are both impactful and relevant for the youth in our community. Despite young people being the largest age-group amongst Muslims in Australia, more needs to be done to support their physical, spiritual and communal needs. Al-Nawawi Centre aims to bridge this gap by designing and implementing tailored programs specific to the current needs of younger audiences. From the Imam Nawawi Shari’ah College to career workshops; from sporting events to spiritual retreats, Al Nawawi Centre will offer a dynamic community for our next generation.

Culturally sensitive mental health facilities: our youth deserve better

Young people today face unprecedented, unique struggles in a world shaped by peer pressure, popular culture, the internet and a lack of Islamic knowledge to deal with the stresses of modern life. While mental health facilities continue to improve generally, our community is in a dire need for programs that are culturally sensitive and relevant to the unique experiences of young Muslims. Al Nawawi centre will incorporate key mental health facilities and services tailored to the needs of younger age-groups. With qualified counsellors and mental-health experts, this will fill an important gap in the community and facilitate the mental well-being of the younger Muslim population.

Quality sporting facilities

Sport has the power to shape much of young people’s socialisation. Al Nawawi centre aims to provide a space for the youth to engage in meaningful physical activity to improve their holistic well-being while being nurtured in their own community. Through Al Nawawi Centre’s gym and indoor sports hall, young Muslims will partake in a wide range of sporting and Islamic activities, increasing their community involvement, physical and mental wellbeing and experiencing the fruits of community.

Al Nawawi Centre’s Youth facilities will be a milestone achievement for the Australian Muslim community for decades to come.

Help build an incredible legacy.

Al Nawawi Centre’s progress means these youth facilities are one step closer to reality.

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