Al Nawawi Institute for Islamic Thought

Leadership to power a confident Muslim presence in Australia

Shaped by leading thinkers and academics

Bringing together leading Muslim scholars of Islamic and other sciences to draw “the best from both worlds”

Islamic thought leadership comes alive

A space for Muslim scholars and intellectuals to gather, discuss and solve problems facing Australia’s Muslims


State of the art facilities and library serving as a hub for the community

Help create a future hub of thought-leadership and solutions to our problems.

Powering a confident new future for Australia’s Muslim community

Taking its name from the towering 7th century Hijri polymath and scholar Imam Yaḥyā ibn Sharaf Al Nawawi, Al Nawawi Institute for Islamic Thought will bring the traditional values and ingenuity of the Islamic intellectual tradition to our modern context, housing a research institute as well as outstanding community facilities to help bring about unity, research and growth for our community.

Informed solutions to difficult questions

Al Nawawi Centre will fill a critical gap in the intellectual output of the Muslim population by spear-heading innovative thinking and leadership. Essentially a well-quipped think tank of Muslim scholars, intellectuals and researchers, it will bring together knowledgable and talented minds to help provide answers to critical questions facing Australia’s Muslims, pioneering a healthy, wholesome and productive presence for us in this country through conferences, colloqiums and ijtihad. In doing so, it will help provide Australia’s Muslims create a legacy rooted in Islamic thought and a practical way for charting a confident presence in Australia.

Embodying the first Qur’anic commandment: Read

Since the beginning of the Prophetic mission, reading, thinking and exchanging ideas has been at the heart of the Islamic tradition. It paved the way for Islamic centres across the world to become specifically sought-out destinations for learning and intellectual advancement. This included the city of Damascus, where Imam al-Nawawi resided. Al Nawawi centre aims to follow in the same footsteps as the great Imam and create a profound culture of learning and research in the Sydney Muslim community. By building a community-first library and conference facilities, Al Nawawi Centre will inspire and facilitate the intellectual growth of Australia’s Muslim community.

A pillar of leadership

Calling upon both Islamic sciences and wider disciplines, Al Nawawi Institute for Islamic Thought will create a dynamic blend of expertise, creativity and a passion for change. Through answers to pressing problems across a range of social, scientific and moral dilemmas facing Australia’s Muslims and innovative thought for the future, it will pave the way for Australia’s Muslims to lead on social, political and other issues as established members of the broader society.

Al Nawawi Institute for Islamic Thought will be a game-changing milestone for the Australian Muslim community for decades to come.

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Our recent progress means Al Nawawi Institute for Islamic Thought is one step closer to reality. 

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