Frequently Asked Questions

Al Nawawi Centre will be entirely completed in 2024. This is the year in which the overall project – including all buildings slated for construction as part of the complex – will be finished and ready for full public use.

In the years leading up to this, however, Al Nawawi Centre will be operational and growing its activities incrementally. 

In fact, Salah (prayers) will be commencing at the Centre in Ramadan 2021 with the commencement of taraweeh prayers at the current building that exists on the site.

Of course! Women are a crucial part of our community and will have incredible, community-leading facilities, insha Allah.

To read more about the involvement of sisters in the Nawawi Centre vision, click here.

Al Nawawi Centre is the brain-child of Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed – Grand Mufti of Australia, who will be the spiritual and intellectual force behind the Centre.

The youth are an important part of our community and will be a core focus of our services. Al Nawawi centre aims to cater to the youth by building sporting facilities, youth-specific programs and activities to engage with and nurture the future generations of our community.

To read more about youth and Al Nawawi Centre, click here.

Al Nawawi Centre is much more than a mosque, although that is a critical part of its vision.

Al Nawawi Centre is a broader vision at building an ideal community centre that is centered on Muslims in their capacity as everyday humans: requiring spiritual, physical and psychological nourishment in an age where there is much worldly distraction that pulls us away from community and solace.

Al Nawawi Centre will aim to be a landmark community institution, combining youth and women’s facilities, a Shari’ah College and a groundbreaking Research Institute: Al Nawawi Institute for Islamic Thought.

While many mosques and some excellent centres exist in our community, the reality is that our community is significantly under-served and the need is tremendous for such facilities. There is no existing Centre in the immediate vicinity of Chester Hill, and the need for a multi-purpose facility is pressing for the cluster of surrounding suburbs that are not served by an existing one.

Catering to the ever-growing population of Muslims in Western Sydney while noting that the area still remains critically under-served by Islamic facilities, Al Nawawi Centre will be located in the heart of Chester Hill, 30 minutes out from the Sydney CBD.

Alhamdulilah, through the generosity of our donors, Al Nawawi Centre team were able to complete the settlement of land in late 2020.

We’re currently fundraising for the major construction phase, which will cover approvals, architecture and planning, insha Allah.

Al Nawawi Centre team consists of a talented team of Muslim community members under the leadership and guidance of the Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed.

The working committee consists of businesspeople, talented young professionals, students of Islamic knowledge and community activists. We look forward to sharing more about the team in the coming months. ​

Al Nawawi Centre aims to serve as the spiritual and communal hub for the Muslim community.

Al Nawawi Centre will contribute to the community by powering pioneering Islamic thought and research, providing exceptional facilities for youth and women, being a hub for Islamic learning and knowledge, and doing so while facilitating for the old and those with disabilities.

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