Introducing an unprecedented vision to support the growth of Islam in Australia

A new home for Islam in Australia: Reviving Leadership through Tradition

Introducing an unprecedented vision: A multi-purpose community mega-centre to lead Australia’s Muslims into a new era

Muslims everywhere are suffering from a lack of unity rooted in a lack of incisive thought. We are unable to confront the most challenging trends of our times and grapple with their implications. The renewal of Islamic thought and the strength brought about by unity have never been more important. 

Al Nawawi Centre will be (Allah willing) a game changing community institution in Sydney. Headed by the Grand Mufti of Australia, Professor Dr Ibrahim Abu Muhammad, the Al Nawawi Centre will take its inspiration from the intellectual tradition of Islam to offer rays of hope, renewal and unity for the Muslims of Sydney and Australia generally.

‘Whoever builds a masjid (mosque) in which the Name of Allah is mentioned, Allah will build a house for him in Paradise.’ 


Al Nawawi Institute for Islamic Thought

Pioneering thought leadership and renewal (tajdeed) in a challenging world

Taking its name from the towering 7th century Hijri polymath, scholar and genius Imam Yaḥyā ibn Sharaf Al Nawawi, it will bring the traditional values and ingenuity of the Islamic intellectual tradition to our modern context, housing a research institute as well as outstanding community facilities to help bring about unity, research and growth for our community.

Our Vision

To equip and empower a new generation of well-rounded Muslim Leaders in Australia

Headed by Australia’s Grand Mufti

A State of the art Research Institute

A Mosque built on the traditional Islamic model

Community facilities such as a Function Centre, Children’s facilities and more

A revolutionary Islamic College

Masjid Imam Nawawi: Home to an Aspiring Community

A state-of-the-art Mosque serving as a hub of activity and inspiration

Al Nawawi Centre will reinvent the concept of what a masjid can be. By hosting regular Islamic lectures throughout the week, social activities for families, brothers only/youth group initiatives, female-led women’s circles and activities, mental health services and more, Al Nawawi Centre will serve the community holistically.

Full-featured, unprecedented Islamic College

Large capacity catering to our growing community​

Optimised for classes, lectures and other Islamic events​

Women’s facilities built par excellence​

Sustainable construction and optimal Wudu facilities​

Ample parking and other practical conveniences​

The Path towards a Grand Vision

How we achieve this lofty goal

Professor Dr Ibrahim Abu Muhammad is supported in his dream to build this state-of-the-art community hub by an active committee of activists, supporters and community leaders and members around him.

This committee is working hard to establish the groundwork needed to launch this important project, but needs the urgent support of the rest of our community to raise the required funds and make this dream a possibility.

Stage 1: Initial project funding and settlement of land


Stage 2: Preliminary construction of interim facilities


Stage 3: Approvals, architecture and planning

Stage 4: Construction of the new building

Your support is needed urgently

Al Nawawi Centre idea is grand: it is bold, unprecedented and a vision that will be a game-changer for Muslims in the West. It will chart new directions and uncover new possibilities for the Muslim ummah globally and here in Australia.

But this vision needs your support to become a reality.

We are calling on those that appreciate the need for this much-needed project to support Al Nawawi Centre working committee through urgent donation. 

Building a house of Allah (Masjid Imam Nawawi) is a hugely virtuous deed in its own right. But the building of a research institute and a new home to community activities and inclusion is a deeply rewarding series of investments. And that is what we call you to today.

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