The Imam Nawawi Shari’ah College

Filling the gap in Islamic knowledge for a growing Muslim community

A leading Islamic educational institute

A cornerstone of Al Nawawi project; a pioneering Islamic educational institution

Filling a critical need

Filling a crucial need in the Australian Muslim experience through leading educators in the Islamic scholarly tradition

Knowledge for all levels

With facilities and courses for young and old, a transformative experience for Australia’s Muslims

Build a future for Muslims in Australia grounded in our tradition.

An Islamic educational institute for every level of the community

Fulfilling an urgent need for knowledge

The Australian Muslim community is affected by a lack of open access to sound, qualified Islamic knowledge that can guide our individual and societal lives. This has created a disparity between the Islamic tradition and the demands of the modern world, often leaving us in confusion. The Imam Nawawi Shari’ah College will work towards changing this by making quality Islamic education to Muslims at every level: from children and youth to mature adults and families.

Setting our youth on an Islamically-inspired future

Muslim youth today are affected by the daily  challenges of living in a society where knowledge of the Islamic sciences is both essential and lacking. The Nawawi College will boast specific curricula for our youth, catering for their Islamic educational needs from the youngest age to maturity. Specifically curated programs will see young Muslims taught their deen in a way that is engaging and relevant to firmly root Islam in their DNA in an Australian context.

Qualified teachers guided by leaders of the community

The Nawawi centre’s teachers will be highly qualified, with an extensive background in the Islamic sciences and a wealth of life experience to draw upon. By being uniquely shaped in the Australian Muslim context, these teachers and mentors will be able to provide practical guidance for the Muslim community through our structured courses and programs and their general role in the life of this new community hub

 Al Nawawi Centre’s Shari’ah College will be a game-changing milestone for the Australian Muslim community for decades to come.

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Al Nawawi Centre’s progress means this Shariah College is one step closer to reality.

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