The Nawawi Centre Enters Exciting Stage 2

Reviving Islamic thought and through Islam’s rich tradition, the Nawawi Centre is a proposed Islamic centre and mosque aiming to serve the growing Muslim community of Western Sydney.

The road to a landmark, inspiring new home for our community is one step closer, thanks to the generosity of the community and the will of Allah. This Ramadan, we look forward to receiving the help of our community to get this vision one step closer to reality.


The Nawawi Centre in a nutshell

Catering to the growing and pressing needs of the Muslim community, the Centre will see quality Islamic and other important services provided to men, women and children.

The Nawawi Centre is the brainchild of the Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed. A highly respected scholar and community spokesperson, Sheikh Ibrahim aims to build a centre that is a space for the whole community to prosper, filling large gaps within our community.

Where are things now with the Nawawi Centre?

Alhamdulilah, the Nawawi Centre has reached Stage 2 of its ground-breaking project

With the generous support of our community, we settled on the site in late 2020, paving the way to begin Stage 3 – a critical part of the project which will see the existing site used as a mosque.

Thereafter we will begin work on Stage 4: Construction of the purpose built facility which aims to be complete in 2026, Allah willing!


The 4 Stages of the Nawawi Centre’s Construction

  1. Stage 1: Initial project funding and settlement of land
  2. Stage 2: Preliminary construction of interim facilities
  3. Stage 3: Approvals, architecture and planning
  4. Stage 4: Construction of the new building

This Ramadan, help us lay the foundations for a holistic future for future generations in the heart of Australia’s Muslim community. Donate to the Nawawi Centre via alnawawicentre.org.au.


Why the Nawawi Centre is much needed

The Nawawi Centre will be much needed for a range of reasons.

At its core the Nawawi Centre will be a fantastic new mosque, equipped with the latest prayer facilities and amenities for both brothers and sisters.

The Nawawi Centre will contain a purpose-built Shari’ah college giving the community access to reputable scholars and incredible learning opportunities at all ages. From learning the Arabic alphabets to Ijazah-based programs and courses, the centre embodies “knowledge without barriers”.

The community also lacks the infrastructure our youth need to develop confident Islamic personalities in a challenging environment. In light of our unique context in the West, we need to provide our youth with tailored programs suited to their independent needs and backgrounds. The Nawawi Centre will build youth-exclusive spaces to give them the religious, physical and spiritual development our future generations need.

Further, it is no secret that our sisters today still have far too little access to masajid even in some of our most populated suburbs. From prayer facilities to learning opportunities, unfortunately sisters are often made to lag behind. The Nawawi centre aims to change this by providing a quality facilities for Muslim women to learn about and practice their faith.

Finally, it will be home to the The Nawawi Institute for Islamic Thought, an Australian-first Islamic think-tank tackling the pressing issues facing Muslims in Australia. Never before has the Muslim community faced such an immediate challenge to our identity as living in the West. We, as individuals concerned about the future of our religion need to proactively support academia and research led by Muslims with our values at heart.

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