The Daily Protection We Need – Morning & Evening Adhkar Downloadable

Dhikr, a profound act of obedience in the Islamic tradition, literally means Remembrance. The technical meaning of Dhikr is remembering Allah in the heart and mentioning Him on the tongue. Dhikr is a very powerful and simple way to connect with Allah (SWT), allowing us to gain proximity to Him throughout even the mundane affairs […]

Making the Perfect Du’a – A Downloadable Guide to Power your Prayer

Du’a – which is defined as ‘seeking the assistance of Allah in Worldly and other-Worldly affairs’ – is a central part of every Muslim’s spiritual experience. It is the first resort at times of difficulty and hardship, when it seems that all doors have closed on you. Du’a is the product of the realisation that […]

The Ultimate Ramadan Planner for 2021

Ramadan is the greatest of months in the entire Hijri calendar. It is the month in which the Qur’an was revealed. It is also the month wherein the deeds are multiplied. The great scholar and pious predecessor, an-Nakha’i said, “Fasting one day in Ramadan is better than fasting a thousand days, and saying tasbeeh in […]

Al Nawawi Centre Enters Exciting Stage 2

Reviving Islamic thought and through Islam’s rich tradition, Al Nawawi Centre is a proposed Islamic centre and mosque aiming to serve the growing Muslim community of Western Sydney. The road to a landmark, inspiring new home for our community is one step closer, thanks to the generosity of the community and the will of Allah. […]